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About my novel, “To Swim Beneath the Earth”.

“To Swim Beneath the Earth”

It’s here! A full arc — a story told, a complete and finished book. After years and years of  To Swim Beneath the Earthimagining the world through the haunted, sometimes warped, experience of my protagonist, Megan Kimsey, I’m sending her out on her own. Truth told, I already miss her.

To Swim Beneath the Earth is the story of Megan Kimsey, born and raised in a small Colorado town on the edge of the La Plata Mountains, where she grows up haunted by images. Straddling cryptic glimpses of events that foretell her own future, and events remembered from a past in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru more than 400 years before she was born, she must challenge her Catholic upbringing and the stigma of a mental breakdown following a childhood tragedy, before she can strike out on a quest for meaning. Megan’s journey leads her to South America and an expedition among the remnants of the Inca Empire, and finally, to a wind-swept outcropping high atop Cotopaxi Mountain in search of the frozen child she sees in her dreams.


“A woman discovers that she’s the reincarnated spirit of an Inca warrior in this imaginative debut novel . . . An often elegantly crafted story that explores the love between parents and their children and how people come to terms with the loss of loved ones.” —Kirkus Reviews

To Swim Beneath the Earth is an epic novel told on a deceptively small scale. Megan’s story is one woman’s journey from everyday life to something much bigger, a transcendent life that has no limits . . . This is a beautiful and uplifting story that affirms the wonder and importance of life. I highly recommend it.” —Kathy Cunningham, author of Finding Erin Campbell (Read the full review on

“A beautiful novel …deserving of 5 stars … images so profound I felt like I was actually living Megan’s life with her.” —The San Francisco Book Review


To Swim Beneath the Earth has received a 2016 Indie B.R.A.G. Award for literary fiction.

I have been selected as a Featured Author by The Book Hippo in the United Kingdom for To Swim Beneath the Earth.BookHippo featured-author


To Swim Beneath the Earth is available in paperback and e-book  on  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and locally at the Reader’s Guide bookstore.